Hello, my name is JORGE GASCÓN and I'm a SOUND ENGINEER based in London.
I've been mixing professionally for 15 years now and I've been involved in more than 200 Hip-Hop Albums so far.
My deep passion for sound engineering is only challenged by my passion for music itself.

A few of the international artists I've mixed are Jehst, Joell Ortiz, M-Phazes, Foreign Beggars, Chinx, Symbolyc One, Braintax...
(Check my full discography)

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Recording is the most important link in the chain. You better get it right in the first place if you want to get it even better when going to mix.
Do not spare in quality nor excitement.
Surround your music with the best professionals you can afford.


Amazing microphones? CHECK ✓
Stunning preamp? CHECK ✓
Awesome ears? CHECK ✓
So you already have your song(s) ready for mixing huh?
The next step is tidying everything up, organising so everything can be heard and appreciated and wrapping it up in just a stereo track.

A bad recording is a bad beginning to a bad ending, but a bad mix could be the worst possible outcome for an otherwise hit.

Choose wisely and don't let a budget get in your way to success. If you don't love your mix, chances are many won't either.
The icing on the cake.

Minor fixings here and there...
Overall balancing...
Setting a competitive volume
(I will not be fighting in the loudness war)
Sorting the songs in order and...

Ready to go to factory, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer...
Are you strugglin' with the low end? ✗
Your mixes are so harsh your ears bleed whenever played in your headphones? ✗
Your huge mix vanishes when played through a phone's speaker? ✗
You can't get it right, can you?

Suffer no more, we've all been there.

I'm not going to mix for you, instead I'll show you what and how to improve your approach when mixing.

Knowledge is the best tool in your arsenal,


  • Jorge Gascón is the man. He’s the fu**ing best.

    PAUL PARADOX  click to listen  INFAME | MIX+MASTERING (2015)
  • When we received back the single we had sent to Jorge Gascón to mix, our surprise was incredible!: 100% involved with the track, made changes to the beat sequence, added very nice details and got the sound we were looking for. After sending us the first mix version, we suggested a couple of modifications and, 24 hours later, we already had the final mix. Working with Jorge is, without any doubt, an incredible experience which we recommend and, of course, we will try to repeat.

    KNK & MCLITO  click to listen  FUEGO | MIX+MASTERING (2016)
  • It’s been a pleasure to work with Jorge Gascón. He’s the man if professional results, manners, reliability and efficiency is what you are looking for.

    100% recommendable.

    KROBER KROFF  click to listen  MADNESS | MIX+MASTERING (2016)
  • I knew I would be satisfied to work with Jorge Gascón, but the quality of his mix has fulfilled my expectations.

    I’ve also especially valued his involvement in the song production not just in the technical way but in the creative aspect as well.
    In addition, it’s always a pleasure to work with someone so friendly and professional at the same time.

    RAPPORT MAVERICK  click to listen  CAVIAR DE BRIK #2 | MIX+MASTERING (2016)
  • It is always been a pleasure to work with Jorge.

    We’ve had already worked together (Rhajha | Tierra Caliente – 2004) and he knows perfectly to which style do I want to still sound like.
    Therefore I can assure you BLC HARDCORE (2016) has the Rhajha imprint, but it also has that colour only Jorge Gascón knows to put into music.

    KUZE  click to listen  BLC-HARDCORE | MASTERING (2016)
  • Working with Jorge Gascón marked a before and an after in my musical career and my concept about it. The job was done rapidly, was entertaining and very motivating. Very few people have involved themselves in my projects with so much care as he did.

    I want Jorge Gascón to mix all my records from now on.

    CAMEL  click to listen  RAKUDA | REC+MIX+MASTERING (2016)
  • I knew I had to work with Jorge Gascón. He appeared in my life and we connected.

    In the studio, he turns pressure into perseverance, which results in whatever that you’re looking for.

    I’ve been listening to records mixed by him since I started rapping, therefore him mixing mine is an honor to me. He asked me how did I want my album to sound, and he delivered.

    XERÖ  click to listen  LLÁMALO EQUIS | MIX+MASTERING (2016)
  • Working with Jorge Gascón is leaving your project in the hands of seniority and expertise, with total confidence in that the album will get back to you sounding not as good as you thought it would, but way better.

    NÚÑEZ  click to listen  BÚSQUEDAS ETERNAS | REC+MIX+MASTERING (2016)
  • It is a true pleasure to work with Jorge Gascón. He respects and values the recording, and gets involved in your work looking towards a final result at the level of all the energy and love invested.

    I went into the studio as a customer and I left with a new family member.

    BASTARDO  click to listen  CORAZÓN DE ELEFANTE | REC+MIX (2015)


But if you still need reassurances...


(Get ready to scroll down a little!)

R/Rcs: Recording | M: Mix | MM: Mastering

(x13) VV.AA. "Sospechosos Habituales 5" (R2013/M/MM)
(LP) C'Mon! "No Beats, No Party" (M/MM)
(1TRCK) Rapacrú "Espíritu de Nómada" (M/MM)
(1TRCK) C'Mon! "NXWKNDS/N.B.N.P. Feat. Nous Nizzy, Piezas, Aqueelion & Dobleache" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) Shé "Te Perdí" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(MAXI) Xerö Ysern "XV" (m/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) C'Mon! "Look Pon Dem Now Feat. Shotta, C. Terrible & Ragga Twins" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) Pablo Lapeña "Quemando Rueda" (M/MM)
(LP) Camberwell Jack "Paths Unknown" (M/MM)  Listen on Spotify
(1TRCK) Kaze "Curtem" (M/MM440)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) KLK "Cheated" (m/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) Y-ETizm "Choppers In The Sky Routine - Finger Drumming" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube

(3TRCK) SFDK "Redención" (M)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) Xerö Ysern "Bájame la Sal" (m/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) Y-ETizm "Grime Routine - Finger Drumming" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(EP) Blk Cz "Wizdom" (M/MM)  Listen on SoundCloud
(1TRCK) Kaze "Cálmate" (M/MM440)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) Paul Paradox "Dope Boyz" (m/MM)
(1TRCK) Toya Delazy "Sell by Date (Freestyle)" (Un.Commodified) (M)
(1TRCK) Santiuve "Insomnificante" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(EP) El Santos Beats feat. Manosalvas "En Ruta" (M/MM)
(1TRCK) Pablo Lapeña "El Cocinero del Rey" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) CKids "Speaking Too Much" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) Kaze "Nunca Lo Olvides" (m/MM440)  Listen on YouTube

(1TRCK) Paul Paradox "Honor" (m/MM)
(2TRCK) CKids "Hoy" + "Slow Life" (m/MM)
(1TRCK) KNK + McLito "Fuego" (M/MM)
(1TRCK) Krober Kroff "Madness" (M/MM)
(1TRCK) Rapport Maverick "Cadenas (Caviar de Brik#2)" (M/MM)
(1TRCK) The Impaler "Cut The Dead Weight" (M/MM)  Listen on SoundCloud
(1TRCK) Acción Sánchez "Intro Funk" (M/MM)
(1TRCK) Acción Sánchez Feat. Putolargo y Legendario "Funky Bruster" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(LP) Kuze "BLC Hardcore" (MM)
(LP) Camel "Rakuda" (R2014/M/MM)
(LP) Xerö Ysern "Llámalo Equis" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(LP) Núñez "Búsquedas Eternas" (M/MM)

(LIVE) TOURING (8GIGS) SFDK "Sin Miedo A Vivir"
(1TRCK) The Impaler Feat. Chinx "******* (Snippet)" (M/MM)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) El Puchero del Hortelano "Ser Humano" (2013) (RCS/M)
(LP) Bastardo "Corazón de Elefante" (R2014/M/MM440)
(LP) Shintoma "Momentos" (M/MM440)  Listen on YouTube

(LIVE) (1 GIG) Juaninacka + Rapsusklei + Sharif "Curso Básico De Poesía" en Sevilla
(LP) SFDK "Sin Miedo A Vivir" (R/M)  Listen on YouTube

(LIVE) TOURING (25 GIGS) Mala Juntera "Cracks Tour"
(LIVE) (3 GIGS)SFDK "México Tour"
(1TRCK) Eptos1 "N/D" (M/MM440)
(LP) Arte AKA Trabubu "La Calle De Los Lunares" (R/M/MM440)
(LP) Pedro Cano "Junto Al Drama En El Olvido" (R/M/MM440)
(LP) Zeropositivo + C'Mon! "Blue Label" (M/MM440)  Listen on YouTube
(1TRCK) VV.AA. "Sospechosos Habituales 4" (R/M/MM)
(LP) Rocket Riestra "Sir Dupont" (M/MM440)
(2LP) Del Valle "Sinónimo De Ofender" (R/M/MM440)
(LP) Yoque + Abeats + DJ Sobe "Faltas de Ortografía" (R/M/MM440)
(DEMO) Dizzie "Siddhartha" (R/M/MM)

(LIVE) TOURING (30 GIGS) SFDK "Lista De Invitados + Siempre Fuertes 2 Tour"
(LP) Jesuly "Malas Hierbas" (R/M/MM440)  Listen on YouTube
(LP) Key P + Huracán "Moonwalkers" (R)
(LP) La Puta Opepé "Regreso al Futuro" (M/MM440)
(LP) Mala Juntera "Cracks" (Rcs/M)  Listen on YouTube

  (Want to hear more? Check this YouTube playlist with plenty more videos!)

(1TRCK) VV.AA. "Sospechosos Habituales 3" (R/M/MM)
(1TRCK) Zatu "Twittear Cagando" (R/M/MM)
(LP) Mitsuruggy "Madlien" (M)
(1TRCK) Rapsusklei "Una Lágrima" (Melancolía) (M)
(DEMO) Overgrounz "Ultimátum" (M)
(DEMO) Test + Ryser "What A Week" (M/MM440)
(1TRCK) Rapvívoros "Ma Salío Un Hater" (They Are The Rappers) (Rcs)
(1TRCK) Freshmakers colabo con Legendario "N/D" (Rcs)
(1TRCK) Hijo Pródigo con Trafik y Jompy "Qué vas a enseñar?" (Rock Live) (M/MM440)
(1TRCK) Victor Rutty "Remember" (Generación Perdida) (Rcs)
(1TRCK) Jesuly "Serial Killers" (R/M/MM)
(MXTP) Del Valle + Abigore "Metaformosis" (M/MM440)
(LP) Omnisciente + BillyBarton "Blocks'y'Rocks" (R/M/MM440)
(DEMO) Jako "XXXX" (M/MM440)
(1TRCK) VV.AA. "No More Rapcism" (M)
(MAXI) Arte AKA Trabubu "Trapis" (M/MM440)
(EP) BIOlencia "Choose Your Life" (M/MM440)
(1TRCK) Praise Feat. Joell Ortiz and Brainiac Beats "Bring Us Back" (M)

(LIVE) TOURING (35 GIGS) SFDK "Lista de Invitados + Siempre Fuertes 2 Tour"
(DEMO) Test + Arte AKA Trabubu "Frecuencias" (M/MM)
(1TRCK) Zatu "Van A Ver (Barbass RMX)" (Rcs/m)
(1TRCK) Rayden "Si vas..." (M/MM)
(1TRCK) MC Joaky "25N" (R/MM)
(1TRCK) 2.0 "Feliz Navidad" (R/M/MM)
(1TRCK) El Chojín "Ya No Soy Un Bebé (Clanners)" (M)
(2TRCK) El Núcleo "N/D" (R)
(1TRCK) VV.AA. "Sospechosos Habituales 2" (R/M/MM)
(2LP) SFDK "Lista De Invitados" (R/M)
(1TRCK) Shabu "Medicina" (La Cura) (R/M)
(1TRCK) Baghira "DITC for Classics con Trafik" (R)
(3TRCKS) Baghira "Bloody Halloween 2" (R)
(1TRCK) La Odysea "Colabo con Legendario y Trafik" (Rcs)
(LP) Quilate "Estamos En El Aire" (Rcs/M)
(1TRCK) VV.AA. "Sospechosos Habituales 1" (R/M/MM)
(LP) Mitsuruggy "Sólo Dios Puede Juzgarme" (M)
(1day) 2.0 "XXXXX" (R/m/mm)
(MXTP) Del Valle "Armas De Distracción Masiva" (M/MM)
(MAXI) Tomcat "Grabado En Óxido" (R/M/MM)
(MAXI) Reportero "Egocentrismo" (R/M/MM)

(LIVE) TOURING (40 GIGS) SFDK "Siempre Fuertes 2 Tour"
(LP) El Chojín "El Ataque De Los Que Observaban" (M)
(x1) VV.AA. "Rap Contra El Racismo" (M)
(LP) Zeropositivo "Soul" (R/M)
(2TRCKS) Juan Profundo "A Lo Perruno" (M)
(DEMO) La Clase Urbana "Senderos" **en Sputnik Grabaciones Estelares** (R/M)
(2TRCKS) Niko "Siete" (R)
(LP) Latex Diamond "Piedra Papel Tijera" (M)
(DEMO) SFDK "Tesoros y caras B" (R/M/MM)
(MXTP) Juaninacka "Canciones De Ahora Y Siempre" (M/MM)
(LIVE) (1 GIG) Toteking "T.O.T.E." en Festival Extremo (Caracas)
(1TRCK) Rapsusklei "Boss" (Pandemia) (M)
(1TRCK) Shé "Estilo" (La Historia De Mi Vida) (Rcs)

(LIVE) TOURING (5 GIGS) SFDK "Siempre Fuertes 2"
(LIVE) TOURING (45 GIGS) Toteking "T.O.T.E."
(LP) Legendario "Mis Armas Favoritas" (R/M)
(LP) SFDK "Siempre Fuertes 2" (R/M)
(4TRCK) Sergy "Me Da Igual" (R/m)
(1TRCK) The Louk "El Poder De La Voz" (Caso Omiso) (Rcs)
(DEMO) Azido "End Game" (M/MM)
(2TRCKS) Román & Abeats "N/D) (R)
(1TRCK) Del Valle "Échate La Manta" (Photoshop) (Rcs)
(DEMO) Wildtrack "Titanes" (R/M)
(DEMO) Dicho & Hecho "De Colores" (R/M)
(EP) Zeropositivo "El Antídoto" (R/M)
(2TRCKS) Shotta "Mira Qué Sucio + 1 Life" (R/M/MM)
(DEMO) Akoraza2 "Bonjour Sevilla" (R/M)
(LP) El Chojín "Cosas Que Pasan, Que No Pasan y Que Deberían Pasar" (M)
(DEMO) Baghira & MC Erne "Ambición" (R/M)
(1TRCK) Demo "Limpio Y Fresco" (20Veinte) (Rcs)

(LIVE) TOURING (8 GIGS) ToteKing "T.O.T.E."
(LIVE) TOURING (20 GIGS) ToteKing "Un Tipo Cualquiera"
(LIVE) Shotta "Sangre" en la sala Metropoli (Córdoba)
(LP) Nueva Era "Monsters" (R/M)
(1TRCK) Aisho/Zatu "Dame Un Minuto" (R)
(DEMO) Sheila "Orígenes" (R)
(1TRCK) Jesuly "Anticipo" (M/MM)
(LP) Jesuly "Mi LLama" (M)
(6INST) Uno+Uno "Quién Si No" (M)
(LP) ToteKing "T.O.T.E." (R)
(MXTP) Acción Sánchez "Hip-Hop Classics Vol.2" (M/MM)
(LP) El Límite "Vida En Crisis" (R/M)
(LP) Dogma Crew "La Octava Plaga" (R/M)
(DEMO) Pou "Configuración Personal" (R/M)
(DEMO) Cirujanos "Cirujanos" (R/M)
(1TRCK) Prome "Enchufa Esta Mierda" (Ponte A Huevo) (R)
(LP) Canes "Budo" (R/M)
(MX) All Day Green "Anticopy" (M)
(1TRCK) Shotta "Dibujo Libre" (Sangre) (Rcs)
(DEMO) Tres Coronas "Arte" (Rcs)
(LP) Duo Kie "21cm" (M)
(1TRCK) H Mafia "Xcesos" (Barrabás) (Rcs)
(DEMO) Wildtrack "Preludio" (R/M)
(LP) A3Bandas "Galería de Héroes (M)
(DEMO) SFDK "Phantom (Barbass RMX)" (R/m)
(DVD) SFDK "Blackbook" (Rcs)
(LP) Método Shintaro "Piedra Angular" (Rcs)
(DEMO) Yoque + Candela Clap "2012" (R/M/MM)
(LP) Quilate "Alma Libre" (R/M)
(1TRCK) SFDK "Tócala Otra Vez" (R/M/MM)
(MAXI) Dementores "Dementores" (R/M)
(LP) Demasiado De "Que Ni Bordao" (M)
(DEMO) Gone "Haré Rap Siempre" (R/M/MM)
(LP) Makuba N-301 "La Semilla" (R)
(LP) El Chojín "Striptease"

(LIVE) TOURING (5 GIGS) SFDK de la gira "Los Veteranos"
(DEMO) SFDK Records - VV.AA "Merry Christmas" (R/M/MM)
(1TRCK) SFDK "Treinta" (R/M/MM)
(LP) 4 Monos "Homónimo/Homínido" (M)
(LIVE) (1 GIG) PutoLargo "Inspiración" en HotPoint 07 (Granada)
(LIVE) (1 GIG) El Niño "En Blanco y Negro" en HotPoint 07 (Granada)
(MAXI) Dogma Crew "Nacen de la Bruma" (R/M)
(MXTP) Acción Sánchez "Sabor Original Vol.1" (M)
(LP) SFDK "Los Veteranos" (R/M)
(1TRCK/MXTP) PutoLargo (Rcs)
(1TRCK/DEMO) Juaninacka + All Day + Makei "B-Boys" (Good Música) (M)
(INST) Arma Blanca "Principe de Barrio" (Autodidactas) (M)
(MAXI) A3Bandas "El Cuarto de las Ratas" (M)
(LP) PutoLargo "Inspiración" (R/M)

(VIDEOCLIP) SFDK "Pruébalo" (R/M)
(LP) El Niño "En Blanco y Negro" (M)
(LIVE) (1 GIG) Juaninacka "Luces de Neón" en MicroLibre (Sevilla)
(MAXI) SFDK "Original Rap" (R/M)
(TVREALITY) Cuatro "El Traidor" (Rcs/M)
(DEMO) Zeropositivo "Sayanaya" (M/MM)
(1TRCK/MAXI) Legendario Feat. Demonio "Corre" (Bala Perdida) (M)
(1TRCK) SRN feat. DJ DJEL (FonkyFamily) "Si lo Sientes..." (M)
(6TRCKS/LP) La Excepción... "Aguantando el Tirón..." (R/M)
(MAXI) DuoKie "En el Club con 50 Céntimos" (R/M)
(BTTLE) Makei "Toys 'Suck' Us" (M) *N/D*
(LP) Jesuly "De Oro" (R/M)
(LP) Juaninacka "Luces de Neón" (R/M)
(MAXI) El Límite "Días Insanos" (R/M)
(MXTP) Makei "Mixtape's SuperHero... Furious" (MM)
(BTTLE) Acción Sánchez & Jefe de la M "Manual Breaks Vol.1" (M)
(EP) Recopilatorio "Hispano All Scratchs" (MM)
(MAXI) Quilate "Fiel al Juego" (R/M)

(LP) Demasiado De "Que Ni Bordao" (R) *N/D*
(1TRCK) El Límite "Insomnio" (R/M)
(2MXTP) Acción Sánchez "Hip-Hop Classics Vol.1" (M/MM)
(1TRCK) Juaninacka "El Hombre" (R/M)
(MAXI) Tralla "Las Calles Hablan" (R/M)
(EP) A.D. Green "All Day, All Night" (R/M)
(LP) Niko "Versos de Winstrol" (M)
(1TRCK) Nervioso "Hombre Temah 2005" (R/M/MM)
(DEMO) Test "Tímpano Conquest" (R2004/M)
(LP) SFDK "2005" (R/M)
(MAXI) SFDK "El Niño Güei" (R/M)
(LP) El Chojín "8Jín" (R/M)
(EP) H Mafia "Sevillan History H" (M)

(MAXI) El Destroyer "Amor por Esto"
(MAXI) SFDK "Después de..." (R/M)
(LP) Meko "Zona de Guerra" (R/M)
(EP) Juanma "El que Faltaba" (M)
(EP) Mitsuruggy "En Paz" (R/M)
(LP) DuoKie "Barroco" (R/M)
(LP) Xinkoa "Y lo que Me Quea..." (M)
(LP) 995 "Kompetición 2" (R/M)
(MAXI) Shinoflow "Shin Cafeína" (R) *N/D*
(MAXI) DuoKie "Hoy No" (R/M)
(MAXI) Demasiado De "Que se te Cae" (M)
(SPOT) SFDK "Cancioncilla del Primer Deseo" (Cruzcampo) (M)
(EP) Acción Sánchez "Creador Series Vol.1" (M)
(LP) Rhajha "Tierra Caliente" (Rcs/M)
(1TRCK) Triple XXX "Barro Y Fuego" (Primera Clase) (M)
(LP) Jesuly "Escorpión" (M)
(MAXI) Jesuly "Tó se Tuerse" (M)
(6TRCKS/EP) 995 "Noveles" (R/M)
(DEMO) El Chojín "Rap por Placer" (R/M)
(MAXI) Niko "Luchando por Ser Alguien" (M)
(BTTLE) Acción Sánchez & Jefe de la M "Funk-Y-Breaks Vol.1" (M)

(LP) Alto Pakto "Diamante en Bruto" (R/M)
(MXTP) Acción Sánchez "Terror en la ciudad" (M)
(LP) Makei "Los Hijos de la 3era Ola" (M)
(LP) Tote King "Música para Enfermos" (R/M)
(MAXI) Tote King "Matemáticas" (R/M)
(MAXI) Jesuly "Hay que Sabé lo que Hay" (M) *N/D*
(EP) Juaninacka "Versión EP" (M)
(LP) Dogma Crew "Block Massacre" (M)
(1TRCK) Demasiado De "Castillos en el Aire" (M)
(LP) Punto Final "Una Selva de Ambiente Stereo" (R/M)
(LP) 995 "Kompetición" (M)
(BTTLE) Acción Sánchez & Jefe de la M "Kung-Fu Breaks Vol.1" (M)
(DEMO) Hijo Pródigo "El Demonio se Esconde Tras una Persona Buena" (M/MM)
(MAXI) Triple XXX "Barro y Fuego" (M)
(MAXI) Payo Malo "Con un Ojo en la Espalda" (M)
(LP) Zonah "Tiempo de Perros" (M)
(MAXI) Soulshakers "Jerom & Mr Hype..." (M)
(MAXI) Míos Tíos "El Eclipse" (M)
(MAXI) Rhajha "Colisión en Zona BéLiCa" (M)
(LP) Keyo "Fuego Abierto" (M)
(MAXI) Dogma Crew "Antihéroes" (M)
(LP) Jefe de la M "Entra el Dragón" (M)
(LP) El Chojín "...Jamás Intentes Negarlo" (M)

(LIVE) TOURING (15 GIGS) Frank T "90 Kilos"
(LP) Gerardo Núñez y la Nueva Escuela de la guitarra flamenca (R/M)
(LP) Konexión "Destilando Stylo" (Rcs/M)
(LP) Tote King & Shotta "Tu madre es una foca" (M)
(MAXI) Tote King & Shotta "Nada Pa Mí" (M)
(LIVE) (9 GIGS) Frank T, "Frankattack", Hablando en Plata "A Sangre Fría" y SFDK "2001 Odisea en el Lodo"
(1TRCK/MAXI) Dnoe "El Blanco" (R)
(MAXI) La Excepción "En tu Carrino Paio!" (R)
(LP) Carmen Linares "Un Ramito de Locura" (R)
(LP) Triple XXX "Sobran Palabras" (M)
(MAXI) Triple XXX "Ya No te Akuerda?" (M)

(LP) Compilation "Flow Latino" (Rcs/M)
Sound Engineer @ Eurosonic
(LP) Sound Assistant to SuperJeff Domínguez - Frank T "90 Kilos"
(2TRACKS) "Un Paso Atrás en la Humanidad (feat. La Brigade)" & "Linea D4 (Feat. Violadores Del Verso)" - Frank T "90 Kilos" (R)
Sound Assistant @ Eurosonic

Sound Assistant @ Musigrama
Intern @ RedLed

SOUND LIKE A PRO (finally)!


Up to 24 tracks
Full mix instrumental only.
price per song
Drum Editing / Sample Triggering upon request
No need 4 Vocal Editing
Alternate versions at £20 each
FREE - Jr. mastering
2 free final revisions
Up to 24 tracks
2-track instrumental + vocals mix.
price per song
Sample Triggering at my own discretion or upon request¹
Light Vocal Editing included
Alternate versions at £20 each
FREE - Jr. mastering
2 free final revisions
unltd. tracks
Full instrumental + vocals mix
price per song
Drum Editing / Sample Triggering included if needed
All Vocal Editing needed
Free acapella and instrumental versions²
FREE - Sr. mastering
∞ free revisions³
*SIGNED ARTISTS, ASK FOR A CUSTOMISED QUOTE* | ¹at an extra cost | ²more alternate versions at an extra cost | ³always within reasonable bounds